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07 July 2009

Tree hugging dirt worshipper

Well we already knew that I am a dirt worshiper since I love archaeology especially when I get to dig for 'old stuff' and I think that deep down inside we all had a hunch that I would eventually be a tree hugger as well. Those beautiful sequoia redwoods must have had some type of magic over me because as soon as we got there I couldn't help but hug those beautiful trees. JD, Doug, Morgan, Will, Kamy and I visited Calavaras Big Trees state park a few weeks back. The day was rainy but that only added to the beauty of the forest.Experiencing those giant trees was one of the most magnificent experiences I've had so far. Just walking under those 2000 year old trees reminded me of all that had changed in their lifetime and all that will continue to change before they fall. It made me feel like I do when I stand in the surf of the ocean and look out over the vastness of the ocean, small and insignificant yet also apart of everything around me. Maybe it was the quiteness of the forest or the laughter of those around me, whatever it was those trees reminded me what I am doing here, why I am on this adventure. There are no words to descibe the gratefullness I felt to be in that forest with my closest friends that day. Nor are there words to describe the great seqouia redwood except maybe to say that they are incandescently beautiful. Even that can't really explain how I felt standing underneath them.

This at least shows how I felt standing underneath them

So thanks to the giant sequoia redwoods I now have the title of tree hugger in addition to my dirt worshipping status. Needless to say I am really loving my time out here. I am feeling more connected to JD each day and am enjoying our adventure together. I love you.

Love to all!
Truly yours,

Calavaras Big Trees State Park

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