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“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” - Lao Tzu

07 June 2009

Welcome to the rest of your life...

The ending of college for me is not the cliche beginning to the rest of my life. I have been uncovering who I am, understanding the joy and beauty in the world, and already been living my life. So for me the ending of college is just the beginning of a new section of the life I have already been living. This blog is a record for my self but also a way in which I hope to keep those who are interested updated and connected with me. I hope for those of you who choose to read this to please respond to these posts, share your thoughts, feelings, emotions and stories of your own life. Tell me of the things that my stories remind you of from your own life. For those of you reading these post do not feel comfortable expressing your self in this way through posts on here feel free to do so to me in e-mail, or if you just don't feel comfortable sharing with me that's ok also. I hope that this blog instead brings you closer to me and helps you to better understand who I am and who I am becoming as I explore my self and the world around me. I am so excited for this next year and the adventure, life and love it will bring with it. I am excited to learn from others and about myself. I am excited to listen to those around me and to my own heart. I am excited to uncover and explore the inner depths of my soul and I am excited to do this with the people I love and the new people around me. My first stop along this year long adventure is Cupertino California. I get to spend an amazing summer working, camping, hiking, enjoying the city and most importantly living with a very special man. The one who happens to make my heart soar and my soul sing. Here is what our room looked like after a very long weekend of driving and then "unpacking". All of this was my stuff.... However, we nested and it's much nicer now. Please remember to share your stories and lives with me. I hope that you will enjoy reading these and will be able to learn and grow as I do on my continued journey of discovery and exploration.

Love to All
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  1. Cyndi, Thanks for including Myra and me on your blog list. We will follow it with keen interest. We so much enjoyed meeting you. I find such amazing energy in young people, and you represent the very best of your generation. Here's to discovery, adventure, and the joy of a soul mate to share it with! Fondly, Tom and Myra Westfall

  2. Enjoy and thanks for the link up! :P

  3. Well sweet deal, I get to see it first and second hand for this first bit. Good picture of me looking stern >:|

  4. Thanks for the link, Cyndi! Hope you and JD have had a great few weeks since I last talked to you and all is going well with your new job. I know mine is fun! I'll be sending a few pics your way, so I'll keep posted on here.