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“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” - Lao Tzu

18 December 2009

Buen Dia!

So I figured it has been far to long since I have posted anything on my blog. After a long summer of feeling suffocated from working at changs but still really enjoying my time in California I have finally made it to south america. I learned so much the 6 months I was living in California about my self and about what it means to be in a long term relationship and what it means to live with someone that you love. It was so nice to get to have that experience, although difficult at times I am very grateful for all of it. Now as far as south america. I am in Buenos Aires (BA) which I love. I have discovered that living in large cities is something that I can do for a time but that it is not some place that I would like to be for to long. BA is a huge city, I think it is comparable to LA maybe even bigger. I found this amazing hostel online that I have been staying at called hostel Sol. It is a little bit far from all the touristy stuff but I of course love that about it. This colorful hostel spans two floors and is painted in bright greens, yellows, blues etc. Its color also comes from the lively group of people who run the place and those who live here. What I love the most about it is that it is more of a place for people who are in BA for an extended period of time. I also love the fact that it is fairly quite and not a party hostel and of course cheap, all things I really wanted out of my first three weeks here. I have been meeting people of course and gone out a few times which was really fun. Buenos Aires has these amazing 24 hour cafés that all of the porteños (that is the locals) stay all night at and just talk. I of course have already done this with some other travellers and my local friend Nicolás. I fill most of my time here by reading, cooking and going into microcentro (which is the center of the city) on the subte(that is the subway). The hardest part of the trip so far of course has been the language, I was hoping that my spanish would come back better then it has so far but to no avail, not speaking spanish for two years has to much of an impact on your language skills. In addition the accent in Argetina is very different then any I have hear before the say their double ll as sh instead of y and they you vos as a replacement for two. That can also be slightly confusing. I am hoping to remedy a little bit of my language stuff by taking an intensive spanish course next week. It is hard finding a course that is close and not to expensive. I have really been enjoying this time by myself and think that travelling alone is something that I will continue to do in my life. I enjoy it because you do not have a group to stick to which means that you end up meeting more people and talking to others where you would not otherwise. People often worry about safety and security when travelling to another country which is a very legitimate concern because I have talked to multiple people here who have been pick pocketed in discos and on the subte. Fortuantely for me this is not something that I have yet to deal with, but I am also very smart about it. I never take anything more then US $20 with me a day and I do not take anything else important. I am also very aware of my surroundings at all times, there has not been one instance that I have felt unsafe or insecure so far. Which is a plus since I do not have the security of my friends around. Since BA is so European I blend right in... except for the bright green streaks I have in my hair. However I am fairly certain that the stairs I get here are the same ones I would get in the states. If I could I think I would live in BA for a few more months. Only so that I could master the language and meet more people. I am however getting to the place where I am ready to be out of the city and into the beautiful nature that is Patagonia. That is the next step in this great adventure. Doug and Morgan arrive on the 31st just in time to celebrate new years with me. I am looking forward to that and to travelling south. It is so interesting because I thought 6 months was going to be enough time, now I feel like it is no where near enough time for all the things I want to do and all the places I want to see. I think I could spend 6 months just here in BA or 6 months in patagonia, or 6 months in Peru. I am very grateful for this experience so far and am enjoying my life here in Buenos Aires. I will try to do better about updating this weekly from here on out, at least. Besos! Chau!


07 July 2009

Tree hugging dirt worshipper

Well we already knew that I am a dirt worshiper since I love archaeology especially when I get to dig for 'old stuff' and I think that deep down inside we all had a hunch that I would eventually be a tree hugger as well. Those beautiful sequoia redwoods must have had some type of magic over me because as soon as we got there I couldn't help but hug those beautiful trees. JD, Doug, Morgan, Will, Kamy and I visited Calavaras Big Trees state park a few weeks back. The day was rainy but that only added to the beauty of the forest.Experiencing those giant trees was one of the most magnificent experiences I've had so far. Just walking under those 2000 year old trees reminded me of all that had changed in their lifetime and all that will continue to change before they fall. It made me feel like I do when I stand in the surf of the ocean and look out over the vastness of the ocean, small and insignificant yet also apart of everything around me. Maybe it was the quiteness of the forest or the laughter of those around me, whatever it was those trees reminded me what I am doing here, why I am on this adventure. There are no words to descibe the gratefullness I felt to be in that forest with my closest friends that day. Nor are there words to describe the great seqouia redwood except maybe to say that they are incandescently beautiful. Even that can't really explain how I felt standing underneath them.

This at least shows how I felt standing underneath them

So thanks to the giant sequoia redwoods I now have the title of tree hugger in addition to my dirt worshipping status. Needless to say I am really loving my time out here. I am feeling more connected to JD each day and am enjoying our adventure together. I love you.

Love to all!
Truly yours,

Calavaras Big Trees State Park

07 June 2009

Welcome to the rest of your life...

The ending of college for me is not the cliche beginning to the rest of my life. I have been uncovering who I am, understanding the joy and beauty in the world, and already been living my life. So for me the ending of college is just the beginning of a new section of the life I have already been living. This blog is a record for my self but also a way in which I hope to keep those who are interested updated and connected with me. I hope for those of you who choose to read this to please respond to these posts, share your thoughts, feelings, emotions and stories of your own life. Tell me of the things that my stories remind you of from your own life. For those of you reading these post do not feel comfortable expressing your self in this way through posts on here feel free to do so to me in e-mail, or if you just don't feel comfortable sharing with me that's ok also. I hope that this blog instead brings you closer to me and helps you to better understand who I am and who I am becoming as I explore my self and the world around me. I am so excited for this next year and the adventure, life and love it will bring with it. I am excited to learn from others and about myself. I am excited to listen to those around me and to my own heart. I am excited to uncover and explore the inner depths of my soul and I am excited to do this with the people I love and the new people around me. My first stop along this year long adventure is Cupertino California. I get to spend an amazing summer working, camping, hiking, enjoying the city and most importantly living with a very special man. The one who happens to make my heart soar and my soul sing. Here is what our room looked like after a very long weekend of driving and then "unpacking". All of this was my stuff.... However, we nested and it's much nicer now. Please remember to share your stories and lives with me. I hope that you will enjoy reading these and will be able to learn and grow as I do on my continued journey of discovery and exploration.

Love to All
Truly yours,